The Eucharist

Holy Communion to the Sick is taken to various aged care facilities and to individuals in their homes by our team of Communion Ministers. Please contact the parish office if you are unable to participate in our Parish Masses and would like to receive Holy Communion.

First Holy Communion in 2020:

The three special Mass planned for Sundays 8, 15 and 22 November are now fully booked.

However, it is possible for a family who has missed out on a place to arrange to celebrate 1st Holy Communion at any of the normal parish Sunday Masses. Four families have already done so.

If there are a significant number of families from the parish who prefer to be on a waiting list for a future parish 1st Holy Communion Mass, other possible dates will be explored.

The earliest possible date for another “extra” Mass for 1st Holy Communion will probably be in January 2021.

Please contact the Parish Office via email to register your interest in nominating a parish Sunday Mass at which to celebrate your child’s 1st Holy Communion.

Details about preparation will be provided when you register.

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