The St Mary’s Concord Pastoral Council¬†is entrusted with the task of reflecting on the parish’s vision and mission. In a spirit of service to the community the Pastoral Council works with the parish priest and members of the parish team to foster and support appropriate pastoral action.

The Role of the Pastoral Council: The Pastoral Council is a consultative body whose purpose is to meet with the parish priest and those responsible for the pastoral care in the parish to discern and discuss the mission of the parish community.

The Pastoral Council

  • lives out the vision and mission of the Parish
  • endeavours through a process of pastoral planning to develop a clearer and deeper understanding of the need for all to share in the responsibility to carry on Christ’s mission in the world;
  • listens to the people of the parish;
  • seeks to discover the needs of our local, regional and world community;
  • studies Church teachings to inform its discernment;
  • recommends goals and priorities in the shape of a pastoral plan.

In 2018 the Pastoral Council members are: Vince Fragomeli (chairperson), Jessica Di Bartolo (Secretary), Fr Paul Crowley (Parish Priest), Anna Marsella (Principal St Mary’s School), Ivo Favotto, Katia Naim, Gaya Srikumar, Michael Thill, Sheamus McGhee.

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