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Pastoral Council


The St Mary's Concord Parish Pastoral Council is entrusted with the task of reflecting on the parish's vision and mission. In a spirit of service to the community the Pastoral Council works with the parish priest and members of the parish team to foster and support appropriate pastoral action.
The Pastoral Council is a consultative body whose purpose is to meet with the parish priest and those responsible for the pastoral care in the parish to discern and discuss the mission of the parish community.

The Pastoral Council is made up of twelve parishioners and others, such as the parish priest and the principal of St Mary's School, who are members because of the office they hold (ex officio members). Members serve for a term of four years with nominations for six new members every two years.

Members: Vince Fragomeli (Chair), Jessica Di Bartolo (Secretary), Gaya Srikumar, Michael Thill, Ivo Favotto, Katia Naim,  Anna Marsella (Principal St Mary's School), Fr Paul Crowley (Parish Priest).

The Pastoral Council currently meets on the first Wednesday of the month from February to December.



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